PredatorFight 2022

Welcome to the official website of the PredatorFight 2022! Here you’ll find all the episodes and all the equipment that all the teams use in the production!

Personbästa = Personal Best 
Abborre = Perch 
Gös = Zander 
Gädda = Pike

Episode 6 is live in: 

Team Daiwa

Team Daiwa's equipment

Team Söder

Team Söder's equipment

Scout Shad XL 27cm 136g
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Minor Imperfections
Scout Shad 20cm 60g
Season Sale
Minor Imperfections
Scout Shad 9cm (5pcs)
s.a. €8.70
Scout Swimmer 14cm, 105g Slow Sink - Discontinued Colors
Season Sale
Discontinued Colors