Belly Boats & Belly Boat Accessories

The world's most fun fishing? Well, maybe that's what you can say about float fishing. Close to nature and portable, float fishing stands out from other fishing methods, you can choose to launch anywhere you want with the precision of a modern boat and you'll find yourself as close to the water as if you were standing out there wading in the water yourself. Float fishing is suitable for a wide range of species and methods where only the imagination sets the limits. For example, you can use your float to fly fish for trout on a stretch of river with tall vegetation around the bank, from a float there are no restrictions on the angle from which you can make your cast. Or maybe pike fishing in a secret archipelago marsh where no boats or seals go? Or are you going to Italy to catch catfish over 2 metres? At Sportfishing Tackle and Sportfishtackle, you'll find an unrivalled range of floating rings, swim fins and all the accessories you could need for your next big adventure.
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