Monofilament Lines

Monofilament lines has been on the market for ages, before the braided line came, you just fished all species with mono. For the fishing we carry on here, the mono line has been forgotten little by little, at least as a choice of main line. On the other hand, there are situations where the mono line is completely superior to the braided line. When angling, ice fishing, fishing in rivers or other rocky ares or salmon fishing. Monofilament lines have an extremely high abrasion resistance that can be dragged against rocks and other obstacles, without breaking off. So, even if a mono line don't have the same breaking strength as the braided line, it can still sometimes be the stronger choice for your particular fishing!
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Sufix Invisiline Clear 50m
Stroft GTM nylonlina
s.a. €3.60
TRILENE BIG GAME - 1/4 lb spools (custom pack)
Summer deals! 3 Jun
Berkley Trilene Sensation 300m Clear
Summer deals! 3 Jun
Stroft LS 100m
s.a. €6.40
Stroft LS 200m
s.a. €8.20
Stroft Red 50m
s.a. €5.40
Sufix XL Strong 1LB Mono Lina PLAT