Kick Fins

Here you'll find a fine selection of sturdy, lightweight and practical swim fins to get you to your next fishing spot with your floating ring! These fins are designed to push as much water as possible at the lowest possible energy cost.
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Outcast Fins
Gunki Short Oars Fenor 24X45
Gunki & Illex Deals 31 Jul
Keeper Fins
Outcast Power Kick Fins
Sold out
Kinetic Lightweight Fins Black
Sold out
Savage Gear Belly Boat Fins
Sold out
Seven Bass Fins Duck
Sold out
Rapala Float Tube Deluxe Fin
Sold out
Seven Bass Finns Vitail
Sold out
Seven Bass Fins Revenge
Sold out
Seven Bass Fins Master
Sold out
Seven Bass Fins One
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