Yarn & Chenille

Yarn & Chenille are fly tying materials that are often used to tie the bodies of various flies. The material is made from various synthetic materials and sometimes has glitter inside to give flies extra flash. Popular for tying trout flies and streamers. With us you will find a wide range with a variety of colours and varieties of glitter that you can use in your fly tying.
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Long Hair Large Holo
s.a. €4.80
Polar Chenille
Cactus Chenille 6mm
s.a. €2.90
Palmer Chenille
s.a. €5.10
Round Chenille 2mm
s.a. €3.20
Polypropylene Floating Yarn
s.a. €2.70
s.a. €3.40
Micro Cactus Chenille 0,8mm