Double Handed Fly Rods

We have a wide range of two-handed rods. If you are new to fly fishing, it can be difficult to know which rod is right for you and your fishing. Two-handed rods are available from class 6 up to class 11 and can vary in lengths from 12-17'. The length and class of rods vary mainly on the size of the water being fished and the time of the season. Longer rods with higher classes are usually used on large rivers or early in the season, while shorter rods with a lower class are for later in the season when the river is low or when fishing smaller rivers and streams. A good all-round rod is 13-14' with a grade of 8-9. A longer rod will help during casting and allow you to control both the fly and line when fishing deep wading. The shorter rods allow for more efficient fishing at shorter distances. The class of rod includes what weight of line the rod handles. Rods that are of a higher class cast heavier lines. In turn, a heavier line makes it easier to cast really big and heavy flies. The class and length of rods usually go hand in hand. Some examples are these four classic lengths and classes: 12.6' #7/8, 13' #8/9 14' 9/10 and 15' #10/11. Of course, there are also many rods that go beyond this standard and all rods are designed for different uses.
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