Guideline Stoked DH are light and affordable two hand-rods for fly fishing with Skagit and Scandi-lines. Made with environmental concious details to spare our environment and waters!


Stoked two-hand rods offers incredible value for money and are built with the same finish as the one hand rods. Without a doubt one of the lightest rod series in its segment. Well balanced and easy casting rods, with medium-fast action with a forgiving bend to absorb beginner errors when casting and gives smoothness while casting. Stoked two-hand rods works as well with Scandi heads as well as a heavier Skagit-rig. Stoked are made by the latest materials to give you perfomance not seen in this price segment before. In addition, Guideline has used environmental friendly components in these rods to spare our environment and waters!
  • The blanks are transparent olive green metallic
  • Cork handles without rubber cork inserts to reduce the use of epoxy in the handles
  • All windings are coated with a environmental friendly epoxy coating
  • Metal components in reel seat are clear anodized, without added color, lead or chrome
  • All rod rings have environmental friendly PVD-coating in gunsmoke finish
  • Rod cover and its outer material made from recycled REPREVE™-polyester
  • Rod tube made from recyclable polypropylene that are lighter and has 20% less diameter than normal PVC-tubes
  • All models have 4 sections

Guideline Stoked DH #7/8 12'     
  • Length: 12´
  • Line weight: #7/8
  • Weight: 189 g
  • Pieces: 4 pcs
  • DH handle front/back: 295 mm/115 mm
  • Rec. Scandi weight: 27-30 gram
  • Rec. Skagit weight: 460-490 grains

Guideline Stoked DH #8/9 13'
  • Length: 13´
  • Line weight: #8/9
  • Weight: 213 g
  • Pieces: 4 pcs
  • DH handle front/back: 310 mm/120mm
  • Rec. Scandi weight: 31-33 gram
  • Rec. Skagit weight: 500-560 grains

Guideline Stoked DH #9/10 14'
  • Length: 14´
  • Line weight: #9/10
  • Weight: 236 g
  • Pieces: 4 pcs
  • DH handle front/back: 320 mm/125mm
  • Rec. Scandi weight: 34-37 gram
  • Rec. Skagit weight: 570-600 grains
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Casting method: Double Hand / Spey / Skagit
Handle Material : Cork
Rod lenght, cm: 366 cm , 396 cm , 427 cm
Rod lenght, Feet: 12' , 13' , 14'
Rod pieces: 4-Piece
Weight: 189 g , 213 g , 236 g

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