Handmade Softbaits

Here you will find handmade Jigs from our talented lure builders that we have around the country! Handmade jigs are just as it sounds cast by hand and you get that extra feeling when you fish with handmade jigs!
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Eastfield Wingman (Made In Sweden)
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BoniBaits Happy Hybrid
s.a. €12.90
Eastfield Tomcat (Made in Sweden)
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Eastfield Viper (Made in Sweden)
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SöderNorsen (EFL Custom)
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Wolfcreek Shad
BoniBaits Happy Slim 23cm, 95g - GeluBasic
BoniBaits Happy Slim
s.a. €11.90
ULM Snackbite 16cm 65g
Sold out
Southstream Lures Arapaima 17cm 45g