Fishing Suits

The best clothes for your fishing! Good fishing clothes are essential for us anglers. If you dress right on the lake, the experience is so much better and it's worth investing in wind & waterproof garments. The best you can have is Gore-Tex but if it tastes good, it costs. We have a great mix of fishing clothing to suit all budgets and stock clothing that we have tested ourselves and know holds up but if you want to be 100% sure of staying dry in all weathers then Gore-Tex or Galon is the way to go.

Water column is specified in millimetres and means the water pressure that the material can withstand on the right side before the water penetrates through the garment. This is tested in laboratories according to international test methods. Water column is a measure of how waterproof a garment is and tells you how much water pressure a garment can withstand before water penetrates and you get wet.

For everyday use in light rain, a water column of 5 000 mm is often enough to keep you dry. However, it is common to specify 10 000 mm water column as a minimum limit for when a garment is completely waterproof. Most fishing clothing in the 1500-2000 SEK range has a water column of 8000 mm. The waterproofness of Gore-Tex® clothing varies, but all garments are well above the limit for what counts as waterproof. On the most advanced garments, Gore-Tex® themselves say that the water column is at least 28 000 mm, bearing in mind that just by sitting down, kneeling, etc., you create a higher pressure that may exceed the rating of the garment, allowing water to penetrate. This does not mean that the garment in question is faulty, just that you have exceeded the rating of the garment.

Please do not hesitate to call, email or come into the store to get the help you need to be satisfied and have clothes you can wear and enjoy for many years to come.
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