Boilies, Hook Baits & Groundbait

"If you have ever come into contact with angling or specimen fishing, you have most likely come into contact with mash and boilies of some kind. Boilies are probably the most widely used of all baits for carp fishing. They are practical, easy to handle and undoubtedly incredibly effective in catching carp from all types of water; from muddy farm ponds to large lakes. Baiting with boilies often sorts out the smaller fish and the larger fish such as carp, tench and Brax that you often target when boilies fishing have no problem chewing a boilie. At the same time, mashing your fishing spot with a good groundbait (ready-made mash mix) can be incredibly effective in quickly attracting fish and creating activity on your fishing spot. In this category you will find mash, boilies, hookbaits, plastic baits and pellets for your specimen fishing."
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