A twitchbait is a wobbler that is made to be twitched or jerked home. These lures are designed to look like a dying baitfish when you strike the lure home with the rod and only pick up the slackline with the reel. An incredibly effective bait for all kinds of predatory fish such as perch, pike, trout etc. A tip from us is to always try to jerk when the line is not fully taut, this way the bait will bring maximum movement and work as intended. Of course you can reel these in normally too!
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Megabass Vision Oneten
s.a. €25.90
Daiwa TN Minnow
s.a. €14.90
Megabass X-Nanahan+1
s.a. €20.90
Westin Jerkbite
s.a. €9.10
Rapala Super Shadow Rap
s.a. €10.90
s.a. €16.90
Headbanger Cranky Shad