Cast, retrieve and hold on! Scout Swimmer is a fantastic hard swimbait for pike fishing.


Some baits take time to develop and Scout Swimmer is no exception! We needed the action to be perfect on its own - just cast and retrieve with occasional spin stops and the pikes just cant refuse it.

Developed together with the famous Swedish lure builder, JW Lures. Scout Swimmer is the lure we always wanted in our box. As a result of the amazing swimming action, this lure attracts both number and trophy fish.

A bait with amazing cast length and also equipped with supersharp high quality hooks from BKK!

• Slow sink
• Weight: 67g
• Length: 12,5cm
• Hook: BKK BT621-SS 1/0 (Super Slide)
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Buoyancy: Sinking
Hook size: 1/0
Lure length: 12,5 cm
Weight: 67 g

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