Scout Kicker is a super realistic imitation of a small baitfish - Available in several hot colors!


Scout Kicker is a super realistic imitation of a small baitfish!

This lure has a unique kicker paddle, immitating a realistic swimming action of a baitfish. With it's micro-vibrating paddle action it will surely be an effective lure when fishing perch and zander.

Effective with all types of jigging techniques. Tackle up your kicker with either a traditional jig head or offset hook in size 4/0. Scout Kicker has an offset slot on both belly and back so that you can hide the hook for weedless presentation. As for all our own custom-made soft lures, these lures are phthalate-free!

  • Length: 3.5''/9 cm
  • Weight: 8 g
  • 5 pcs
  • Phthalate-free
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Lure Color: Blue Shiner , Bulk , Fire Tiger Fluo , Gilded Perch , Glitter Perch , Mixed Pack 5 , Mixed Pack 6 , Mixed Pack 7 , Mixed Pack 8 , Motoroil Burbot , Motoroil Glitter , Motoroil Hottail , OB Minnow , Olive Shiner , Perch Dream , Red Ghost V2 , Roach , Shitty Roach V2 , Smelt , Stolen Bleak V2 , Transformer Shad
Lure length: 9 cm
Weight: 8 g

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