Pig Shad Jr is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait The Pig.


Pig Shad Jr has a seductive rolling action while the head is rocking from side to side. The tail paddles and twists in a low frequent rate. A perfect imitation of a injured baitfish that slowly trudge forward with its last strength!

Pig Shad Jr is excellent to use with BFT Flexhead Pike jig head or shallow rigged with BFT Pike Shallow Screw. Pig Shad Jr has a weedless-slot on its back so also try rigging it with an Owner Beast 10/0 Hook for a weedless presentation!

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Chomp! Chomp!
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Quantity per pack: 2 pcs
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Lure length: 20 cm
Weight: 50 g

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Lauri 2022-06-08

Ihan helvetin hyvä uistin suomen jokihauille. Sama missä päin jokea kalastaa niin tämä on luottopeli.


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