Scout Shad, a smaller version of the glorious Scout Shad XL!


Please note: Some paints have small paint damage that has occurred during painting in the form of 4-5 small dots in the paint on one side. In some colors it is more visible than others and in some it is not visible at all. This is not something that affects the quality or action of the bait, but due to this small "beauty flaw" we have chosen to reduce the price significantly on all Scout Shad 20cm.

Scout Shad, a smaller version of the glorious Scout Shad XL! A shad softbait in a boxform that moves alot of water thanks to its over-sized paddle. As for all our own custom-made soft lures, these lures are phthalate-free!

If you like softbaits in an allround size, this is the perfect softbait for you. Works great both shallow or in big lakes. Can be rigged with stinger, jighead or a combination of both. You can also rig it with a offset hook in sz 10/0. 

Can also be used with a combination of different attractors like rattlechambers and instant spinnerbait-rigs.

Scout Shad is developed in Sweden together with the lure builder JW Lures.
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Phthalate-free
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Lure length: 20 cm
Weight: 60 g

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