A large selection of fishing reels at great prices. Under this category you will find reels for all fishing methods. Among the most fun to flourish around in is the reel market, but it can also be difficult to decide which reel is the right one for you.

We have chosen to have a wide range of reels in stock, this because we ourselves love reels but also to be able to offer our customers the greatest possible freedom of choice. Some of our reels are sold exclusively in our shop and you wont find them anywhere else in Sweden.
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Penn Battle III
s.a. €84.90
Shimano Twin Power FE
s.a. €449
Shimano FX FC
Shimano Sustain FJ
s.a. €269
Shimano Nexave FI
s.a. €54.90
Daiwa 22 Exist LT
s.a. €769
Shimano Sahara FJ
s.a. €79.90
Shimano Catana FE
s.a. €45.90
Savage Gear SG8 FD
Savage Deals
s.a. €74.90
s.a. €129
Shimano Twin Power FD
s.a. €349
s.a. €359
Daiwa 24 Certate G
s.a. €519
Daiwa 22 Caldia LT
s.a. €169