Spinning Reels

Choice of reel size
We recommend size UL/1000/10 for light fishing, for example rainbow trout, trout, grayling, perch etc.
Size 2500/25/30 for jig fishing for perch, lighter pike fishing, sea trout etc. Size 4000/40/30 are recommended for the slightly heavier fishing for example pike and sea trout. Size 5000 and upwards fits well for sea fishing for cod, saithe etc.
Light - 10/1000-20/2000
Medium - 25/2500-30/3000
Heavy - 40/4000-50/5000
X-Heavy - 60/6000+
Reviewing your reel at regular intervals is a good idea
It lasts longer, the drag will be steady and smooth while the feeling remains the same. Shimano has exploded views of their reels at www.shimano.se.
Shimano's Swedish reel doctor Jan Eriksson says this about reel service when doing it at home:

• Wipe the reel with a cloth after fishing and store it dry and warm.
• Release the drag between fishing trips.
• Service the reel with oil at regular intervals, there is multiple tutorials on the web.
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Shimano Saragosa SW-A
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s.a. €209
Shimano Aero XR
Sold out
Abu Garcia Revo3 Winch 30 Spin
Just arrived
Sold out
Shimano Vanquish FC
Sold out
s.a. €509
Daiwa 20 Saltiga
Sold out
s.a. €849
Shimano Twin Power SW C
Sold out
Daiwa 19 LT Spool
Sold out
s.a. €14.90
Shimano Cardiff CI4+
Sold out
Quantum G-Force GF
Sold out
s.a. €59.90
Shimano Socorro SW
Sold out
Okuma Epixor XT EPXT-55 FD 7+1bb
Sold out
Okuma Surf 8K FD 5+1bb
Sold out
Shimano Alivio FA
Sold out
DAM Quick 1 FS 3000
Sold out
Fladen Maxximus Furvux-8 UL
Sold out
Shimano Aerlex XTB 10000 Spod
Sold out
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