The constant flow of new fishing methods and associated rods can be confusing, that is why we have divided it into categories. If you're still not sure about what you're supposed to look for, or if you don't find what you're looking for, please let us know, perhaps it's something we can order for you. Please contact the store if you have any questions and we will gladly help you along the way!
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Guideline Elevation
s.a. €229
s.a. €89.90
s.a. €149
s.a. €60.10
s.a. €94.90
BFT Instinct Reloaded Spinning
Just arrived
Westin W3 Spin 2nd
s.a. €139
Fox Warrior Spin
Clearance Sale
s.a. €42.90
s.a. €59.90
Vision Stifu Flyrod
s.a. €332.70
Fox EOS Pro Rods
s.a. €64.90
Fox Ti Pro Spin
Clearance Sale
s.a. €179
s.a. €249
Westin W3 Powershad Haspel
s.a. €74.13
s.a. €109
DAM Sensomax II Feeder