Innovative pike softbait from Storm! Fits perfectly with Storm's Multi Depth Screw System and you also get a shallow screw in the package.


Storm T-Bone is a shad with innovative design and durable rubber, 18cm long, 42g heavy and available in 8 full colors! The bait is designed to collapse as much as possible when chopped, which means you always have the greatest chance of a good and safe hooking! Thanks to the T-shaped body, T-bone is stable even at higher speeds and weighs about 30% less compared to similar pike baits. The T-Bone is equipped with 3D fins and a ribbed body that creates vibrations underwater. Supplied with 1 Storm R.I.P Screw.
Best suited with Storm R.I.P Multi Depth Screw System, shallow screw or jig skull / screw skull and traditional stinger. But most stingers and rigs fit.

If want the 23 cm version please click here >>
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Lure length: 18 cm
Weight: 42 g

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