The bigger version of the glorious Drunk Bait!


Shortly after the release of the originally designed 8cm Drunk Bait, we started to receive several messages demanding a larger version, ideal for catching Pike, Musky, Walleye and salt-water species.

Finally, after 2 years of intensive testing, baby Drunk Baits have finally found their parents. As the bait is designed tomainly catch larger fish, the connection to the paddle tail has been designed much sturdier to withstand very powerful bites.

Additionally the updated tail design ensures maximum compressional waves are produced and that the bait flanks intensively from side to side. The constant changing of the different colours on the lure is an added stimulant for the fish to attack, that’s why all baits are designed with at least 2 different colours.

• Length: 16cm
• Weight: 32g
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Lure length: 12 cm , 16 cm , 8 cm
Weight: 32 g , 8 g

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