Backpacks for every situation! We've selected fishing backpacks of consistently good quality and smart features from well-known suppliers.Perfect for both street fishing and mountain fishing that requires a bit more gear. If you fish from shore, smart storage that swallows a lot of gear is invaluable! There are also backpacks that are 100% waterproof, always a good choice if you have something with you that can't get wet.
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Berkley URBN Back Pack
Haglöfs Vide 25L Fjell Green
Sold out
Haglöfs Corker 15L Tarn Blue
Sold out
IFISH IceChair Panorama
Ice fishing deal
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Haglöfs Vide 20L Fjell Green
Sold out
Korum Transition Daypack
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Simms G3 Guide Backpack Anvil
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Haglöfs Corker 20L Tarn Blue
Sold out
Vision Travel Bag
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Haglöfs Corker 15L True Black
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