Baitcasting Reels

The Casting Reel is the given choice when you want to develop your fishing. By switching to a casting reel you get more precision in your throws and can easily throw heavier baits without having to worry about how your index finger looks at the end of the fishing day.

We usually recommend choosing a casting reel instead of a spinning reel when you want to throw baits that exceed around 80g. It might be harder to master a casting reel, atleast when it comes to lighter baits and wind, but if you take it easy and have some patience you will be a casting reel pro after a fishing weekend.

We also have a softspot for light fishing with casting reels, small light reels for perch and pike fishing is incredibly fun. You have full control and the feeling you get from having the reel in the middle of the hand is priceless. When one dares to take that step, you wont look back!

If you have any questions about what would suit you best, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.
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