Single Hand Lines

Single-handed lines are fly lines with their own weight for casting with a fly rod, where the single-handed rod is loaded mainly with the fly line's head. Fly lines consist of three parts, the first of which is called the shooting line, the next part is called the head and the last part is called the tip. Single-handed lines have different densities where there are floating lines, slow-fast intermediate and sinking lines.

Fly line- Float

A floating line is the most common fly line used in fly fishing. For the beginner, the floating line is the line you should choose as your first choice. Floating lines are also the line you should use to effectively fish dry flies on the surface.

Fly line - Slow-Fast Intermediate

This type of fly line is a little heavier than water to slowly sink and be fished just below the surface. Slow and fast intermediate lines are often used inshore to fish shallow spots without the fly sinking to the bottom, while being thinner than floating lines and cast more easily in the winds that tend to blow inshore.

Fly line - Sink & Sinktip

Sink and sinktip lines are sinking lines for deeper fishing with streamers and boobies, for example. These fly lines are also particularly good when you want to fish your fly fast and still fish them below the surface.
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