Trust that Jerkbait fishing is here to stay. Some stores sell any bait without much experience, at and Söder Sportfiske we only sell Jerkbaits that we fish with ourselves and can recommend. You can trust that we know what we are selling and feel free to ask for advice and tips regarding baits. If you have any questions about colors or baits, just hop into the store or contact our customer service and we will help you!

A Jerkbait is a type of wobbler without a spoon that you jerk forward with vertical "jerks". At spin stops, the bait slides sideways and "flutters" a little, which in turn attracts predatory fish to bite.
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Buster Jerk II 12cm 37g Söder Custom
Söder Custom
Piglet 5'
Salmo Sweeper Sink
s.a. €15.90
I-Fish The Duke
s.a. €9.20
IFISH The Guide
s.a. €9.10
Westin Swim SW Glidebait
s.a. €15.90
Shimano Bantam Enber
Just arrived