A wobbler is a fishing lure that is usually made in either wood or plastic. A wobbler usually moves sideways and vertically when it works as intended. A wobbler can be sinking, hovering or floating, usually equipped with treble hooks. Most wobblers are usually equipped with rattle that creates an alluring sound.

A wobbler can be jointed, which means that it consists of two or more parts that are loosely joined together and thus have a more lively pattern of movement. A wobbler can be spun home or trolled.
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Gunki Mothra 7,5 cm F
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Rapala Laksesett
Megabass X-Nanahan 75mm, 7g
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Megabass Oneten R+2
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Salmo Hornet Floating 5cm
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Platypus Deep Runner 10 cm
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Daiwa Prorex Crankbait DR 8cm