Headbanger FireTail is a softbait with wide profile, long tail and waggling action. A magnet for big pike and musky!


Made of durable plastics, the Headbanger FireTail has a beefy profile and a large curly tail that adds a lot of length when it’s swimming. The highly engineered tail gives the bait an unmatched S-shaped waggling action with lots of belly flash. Rig it any way you prefer, or pair it with one of the RockerHead Stingers and take the action to an insane level. Either way, the Headbanger FireTail is a flaming hot weapon in the pursuit of trophy muskie and pike.
  • Model: Headbanger FireTail 17cm, 56g
  • Style: Softbait
  • Size: 17 cm 
  • Weight: 56 g
  • Accessories: RockerHead Stinger #1/0 + 1 (not included)

  • Model: Headbanger FireTail 21cm, 102g
  • Style: Softbait
  • Size: 21 cm
  • Weight: 102 g 
  • Accessories: RockerHead Stinger #2/0 (not included)
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Lure length: 17 cm , 21 cm
Weight: 102 g , 56 g

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Customer Reviews

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Peter 2022-11-21

Really Bad action sometimes is swimming normal and sometimes really bad the softbait on the lure is maybe to hard for the swimming action

Lukas Baumann 2021-10-23

Somehow my first review shows 5 stars while I would only give 3. Well made, bad action.

Lukas Baumann 2021-10-23

High quality pouring - no bubbles or marks, really well made from tough rubber. Not as soft as other baits. However, the whole bait spins with a regular shallow rig so it's unfishable for me like this. I'll try with a BFT Flexhead and hope it keeps track. Also the body section is quite wide, which I don't understand either. The tough rubber will not fold well with this wide belly and might cover the hooks. In my opinion there are better curlys on the market.


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