Guideline Kursk Chartreuse Head Medium is a tube fly for deep fishing. A killer in brown and green coloured water!


Kursk is a special fly pattern developed by Finnish Antti Pirinen to fish really deep. The fly is normally fished free drifting in deep water using rocking motions with the tip of the rod and small retrieves. This gives the fly a unique movement in the water. This is a really special pattern worth having in the box! K

The Kursk, with its special brass conehead, is really hard to come by but we have managed to produce a number with just the special cone front. The bar is threaded through the cone and over the back of the fly so that it hangs like a jig, which also means that it doesn't get stuck in the bottom as easily.
  • Weight: 1.5 grams
  • Total length (end to end): 7 cm
  • Fly type: Piglets
  • Recommended size: double tube hook 6, single tube hook 4, treble tube hook 8
  • Size: Medium
  • Water colour: Brown coloured water, green coloured water
  • Water temperature(from): >4
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