Guideline Black Predator are big, black streamers for fly fishing for pike, zander and big perch where flies with bigger volume and profile often are the key to success. The predator flies are 20cm long and are tied on a 4/0 sized hook!


Our new predator flies are available in several different colors and are made of light but strong synthetic material that can withstand sharp teeth and heavy use. They are designed and approved by Danish Brian Peter Størup and we only use original material from FutureFly. Due to the properties of the materials, it does not absorb water but releases it immediately when you start casting. The flies have good volume and profile but are still easy to cast, right down to a rod in class # 7 if you wish. The predator flies are about 20 centimeters long and tied on a hook of size 4/0. Black is a color that is feasible on many different occasions, and can be a toxic alternative when the weather is good and the water clear. But they also work nicely as a silhouette fly on a shallow line on shallow water, and if the fish chase dark bait fish such as sea lakes this is a given color.
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Hook size: #4/0
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