Large selection of Sunglasses! In our opinion, sunglasses are a must when fishing, not to make you look tough or to avoid being blinded by the sun, but mainly to protect you from eye hooks, which are actually more common than you might think. Also incredibly important to protect your eyes from UV light and to help you see through the water better and avoid surface reflections. As with all products, there are very different price ranges. However, most of the glasses we sell have really good UV protection.

When it comes to choosing lenses, there are also differences between different colours in different lighting conditions and when they are best suited. In general, the colour of the lenses can be divided into the following:
  • Yellow lenses: a good all-round lens that is best at dawn and dusk to provide the most contrast in low light conditions
  • Copper-coloured lenses: the most all-round lens and work in all lighting conditions
  • Grey lenses: the most effective lens colour in bright sunlight
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