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Scout Summer Bundle - Perch in the group Lures / Lure Kits / Lure Kits Perch at (SCOUTSP)

Scout Summer Bundle - Perch

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€21.10 / €17
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Fluorocarbon Leader

Jig Heads

Scout Blade

Scout Shads

Fluorocarbon Leader:

Jig Heads:

Scout Blade:

Scout Shads:


Scout Summer Bundle is a lure bundle with the Scout Blade vib lure and Scout Shad jigs in mixed colours with matching jig heads and a package of fluorocarbon leaders designed for perch fishing. A bundle with a reduced price that will get you ready for the fun of summer perch fishing!
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Scout Shads - Scout Shad 9cm (5pcs) - Mixed Pack
Our successful Scout Shad in a 9 cm long version, incredibly effective on perch and zander. With its large paddle, it moves super good with a nice "Belly roll". Here in a package with mixed colors.

Equipped with offset notch in both back and belly to be able to be rigged with offset hook when you are fishing in vegetation. Scout Shad 9 cm has a neat and attractive profile to imitate a little snack for the predator.
  • Delivered in a 5-pack

Scout Blade - Scout Blade 9g/14g
Scout Blade, a fish-catching vib lure from Söder Tackle with 3 different attachment points depending on what action you want the bait to have. Available in several hot colors!

This bait will definitely deliver,  even on slow days. Scout Blade is excellent for casting and fishing home with a straight retreieve, like a wobbler/crankbait. The bait can also be lowered and fished home in stages like a jig over the bottom or fished completely vertically under the boat.
  • 9g, 4,3 cm
  • 14g, 5,5cm

Fluorocarbon Leader - Söder Tackle Fluorocarbon Perch Leader (2pcs)
Söder Tackle Fluorocarbon Perch Leader. Awesome leaders for your perch fishing! Made of 100% Japanese fluorocarbon and delivered with Söder Tackle Fastach for easy lure changes!
  • 100% Pure Japanese Fluorocarbon
  • Invisible in the water
  • Round profile
  • Excellent abrasion resilience
  • Dual layering process
  • UV resistant - longlasting

Comes in 2-pack and is available in the sizes:
0.30mm, 50cm
0.45mm, 50cm

Jig Heads - Spro Round Jig Head 4/0 - 10g/7g
Jig heads with Gamakatsu hook.
  • Super sharp hook
  • The bait sits firmly on the hook
  • Many sizes and weights
  • Fits most softbaits
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