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Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Burbot in the group Lures / Swimbaits at (72390r)

Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Burbot

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Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Burbot. A Limited reintroduction of the legendary 36 and 50cm Line Thru Burbot!
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This is the fast sinking version, rigged on Savage Gears' Carbon49 wire in 0.70mm

36cm Hooks #2/0 + #2/0
50cm Hooks #4/0 + #4/0

Big Pike and Musky LOVE Burbot ! A Superb realistic burbot imitation that can be fished trolling or casting! 3D Scanned details and incredible swimming action will fool even the most vary predator fish to go for the kill! The detailed pectorial side fins move with erratic motion, and the tail eels super enticing at the same time – just like a burbot swimming suspended midwater, even the small whisker under the chin, vibrates with micro movement as the lure glides thru the water. The inside harness is designed so the lure can either be rigged as a line thru, with an ABS line thru tube or with the fixed clip release rig, to ensure less lost fish and less damage to the lure, from the sharp teeth from the Pike and Musky during the fight. The Lure is balanced, so it swims, gliding forward and downwards with the perfect characteristic Burbot profile. From the “small” 25cm, to the perfect 36cm all-rounder and the giant 50cm this is your new magic tool to lure the giant Pike & Musky.
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