Rapala Jigging Rap, Rapalas classic for ice fishing!


Rapala Jigging Rap, swimming in tantalizing circles under the ice or in open water for suspended game fish, the Jigging Rap features a balanced, weighted minnow profile. Single reversed hooks with center treble and eyelet, this bait can also be bottom bounced, yo-yo style off the bottom with unbeatable results.

• Minnow Profile
• Balanced Design
• Environmental Zinc Weighted
• UV, Glow & Standard Colors
• Single Reversed Hooks
• Center Treble & Eyelet
• 5cm
• 9g
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Lure Color: BSR , BYR , CLN , FPN , FT , GFR , GPSQ , GSLM , GT , HSP , P , PRT , RBDL , SSD
Weight: 18 g , 25 g , 9 g

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