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PerchFight V2 Rod Series Spinning in the group Rods / Spinning Rods at (SPF-V2-78-VSr)

PerchFight V2 Rod Series Spinning

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Crankspin 7'2'' 3-25g ML
  • Vibspin 7'8'' 5-30g MMF
  • Twitch & Jigg Spin 7'3'' 5-30g MLF
  • Jigg Light Spin 7'8'' 3-20g MLXF
  • Crankspin 7'2'' 3-25g ML
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Perchfight V2, an updated series of our hugely popular Perchfight rod!
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Perchfight V2, an updated series of our hugely popular Perchfight rod!

Perchfight V2 rod series has a new fresh design, updated bottom part with a minimalist style and graphics. There is also a red indicator on the top loop to make it easier to keep track when you are out fishing.

All of these rods are developed by Nicklas & Henrik at Söder Sportfiske, the optimal rods for perchfishing. A lot of time, thought and love was put into getting these rods just as we wanted them.

Designed by us at Söder together with Garry at True Custom Rods / American Tackle, thanks to the reinforced 40T Japanese Toray blanks and Microwave guides the rods keeps it's lightness, sharpness and power. These rods are a bit lighter than the old series and of course 2pcs for easy transport.

• Length: 7'2''/218cm
• Casting weight: 3-25g
• Weight: 132g

This rod is developed for cranks and other hard baits but still works great for smaller softbaits. A lighter and more flexible blank with a deeper action compared to our twitchrod. Magically beautiful!

Twitch & Jigg Spin
• Length: 7'3''/220cm
• Casting weight: 5-30g
• Weight: 144g

This rod was developed for fishing with smaller jerkbaits (like Rapala Shadow Rap) and twitchbaits. A crispy rod with alot of backbone where the slightest movement is felt, at the same time as the power exists for a perfect hookset on a big perch. Works really well for traditional softbaits, texas and carolina fishing.

This rod is pretty stiff to be able to twitch/jerk the bait home and also to work well with heavier jigheads around 15-25g when hunting for that monsterperch to be able to hook it properly. This rod "grows" when using it more and more, and you will notice that you're able to hook the fish easier every time so give it a chance. This rod differs alot from other rods on the market and it took us almost 2 years to develope the blank as we wanted it.

Jigg Light Spin
• Length: 7'8''/234cm
• Casting weight: 3-20g
• Weight: 127g

This is a rod developed for lighter and more traditional fishing after perch. A very crisp rod with a sensitive tip to be able to register even the feintest little take. A magical rod that quickly answers but bends alot when fighting fish. We love this rod!

• Length: 7'8''/234cm
• Casting weight: 5-30g
• Weight: 

Vibspin is developed for fishing with viblures and different blade baits. A rod that works great for those kinds of lures, the blanks action responds well to the vibrations while still being able to register the small sensitive hits perch sometimes do. A very interesting rod and a good addition to the series!
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