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Monkey Lures King Lui in the group Lures / Perch & Zander Softbaits at (KL75SJr)

Monkey Lures King Lui

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Monkey Lures King Lui are extra soft and flavoured jigs. Attract the following and elusive fish to bite!
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King Lui is designed for fishing for pike, perch and walleye. The slim body shape, combined with the large paddle tail, creates a very high frequency and powerful stroke. The ribs on the belly, combined with the soft rubber compound, make the King Lui extremely flexible and allow the lure to be easily folded in. In addition, this makes the lure walk very seductively even with light weights. The large X-eye acts as an extra chopping point and directs the chopping towards the head. The taste of seafood and the integrated salt crystals also attract the predators' sense of smell. The King Lui mounts classically on a jig head, offset hook or other finesse rigs.
  • UV-reactive
  • Extra soft material
  • Many rigging possibilities
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