Minizonker Natural gray has a discreet wing of gray zonker and mother of pearl, this fly fishes well in all types of water.


The fly is easily diluted with brass ball head and a little lead that is bonded to the underside of the hook, which makes it easily break the surface and makes it easier to hold the fly at the right depth.

Mini Zonkers are excellent all-round flies (attractors) and perfect imitations when trout chase smaller prey such as minnow and perch. These are also flies which, due to material, size and weight, are perfect for fine-tuning with streams - in both calm waters and rivers. A small streamer makes a little noise when it lands and you can fish for areas on a water discreetly without scaring fish.

When fishing with Mini Zonkers in calm waters, we sneak along land with a long past and present the fly carefully where we think / know that the fish is going. No more throws are needed in the same place, nor in different directions. Another plus with this fly type is that they can be thrown with light equipment in classes 4 and 5. As the fly approaches, you start the retrieve.
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