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Lurelock Large Deep Box TakLogic - 3 in 1 in the group Storage / Tackle Boxes at (BOB-00-1004)

Lurelock Large Deep Box TakLogic - 3 in 1

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Lurelock Large Deep Box TakLogic - 3 in 1 gives you three lure boxes with a sticky bottom. Gives you possibilty to customize your tackle after your needs!
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The 3 in 1 Deep Box's unique divider system allowing anglers to customize their box:

1. 1-24 compartments with the standard dividers

2. 1-18 compartments with the wider dividers

3. Remove all dividers for an open storage box for larger items such as reels, tools, Line, and etc.

The longer dividers have notches conveniently spaced for spinner baits or shorter crank baits. The lid is near glass clear for easy visibility of what's inside. The Easy Snap A Part dividers make customizing your box a snap without the use of knife or scissors.

Store your Lure Lock tackle box horizontally to utilize the TAK Technology's full potential. Gravity will activate the TAK's release time. 

  • Length: 14'' x 9'' x 4'' (35.56 x 22.86 x 10.16 cm)

TakLogic Technology holds and cradles fishing lures, hooks, and terminal fishing tackle in a soft, safe environment, locking it into place while keeping the vibration and movement from dulling the hooks, barbs, paint, and even the overall effectiveness of the lure itself.

Our TakLogic Technology is safe and formulated from a soy-based recipe we produce in-house at our Wisconsin factory. It's made from renewable resources.

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