Illex Dexter Shad are jigs in soft material scented with seafood fragrance. Extra hot for monotonous fishing!


Dexter Shad is a hyper-realistic soft bait boosted to the core with our Nitro Booster shellfish attractant. The body material is incredibly supple which helps fish take positively yet tough enough to withstand repeated attacks. The body has a pronounced rolling action that works with any size or shape of jig-head. The tail vibrates at the slightest movement generating powerful vibrations that predators find impossible to resist. This lure works particularly well on straight retrieves and around snags and vegetation where the biggest fish are holed up.
  • Hyper-realistic soft bait
  • Nitro Booster shellfish attractant
  • Supple body material
  • Rolling action
  • Works with any size or shape of jig-head
  • Tail vibrates at the slightest movement
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Buoyancy: Floating
Lure length: 10,5 cm , 13,5 cm , 15,5 cm , 17,5 cm , 22 cm
Weight: 10 g , 19 g , 33 g , 47 g , 88 g

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