Streaking Caddis is a bestseller and a very popular spring fly pattern.


This is Lennart Bergqvist's fly originally created to mimic one of our biggest spring flies: Phryganea Grandis. Streaking is primarily a pattern for fishing in ponds and lakes. Works best when there is a bit of ripple on the water.

Waterproofing tips:
- Thoroughly impregnate the entire fly with gel impregnation. TMC Dry Magic is our favorite.
- After a fish rinse the fly in water, dry with amodou and use TMC Dry Shake to revitalize the body. If the fly is discolored by the powder, apply a little gel. Also apply gel to the wing.

• Current time: May June July August September
• Used in: Ponds and lakes.
• Fish species: Trout, Grayling
• Flight type: Dry fly
• Imitation: Caddis
• Stage: Adult
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