Guideline Skagit Driver are floating Skagit-bodies that loads your rod another notch and give you extra long casts and slower drift on your flies!


Skagit Driver has a high density although it's a floating line to bring the line lower in the surface film and gives it higher resistance to charge your rod harder and give longer casts. Through it's lower position in the surface film the flies are given a slower drift and sink faster if you add a sinking tip.
  • Looped in both ends
  • Color coded in the front loop
  • Ingraved weight-info on each line in the front
  • Airflos non-stretch Power Core-core
  • 100% PVC-free
  • Delivered in box and durable zip-bag
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Density: Floating
Head length: 7 m , 7,15 m , 7,3 m , 7,45 m
Head weight: 29g / 450 grains , 31,1g / 480 grains , 33g / 510 grains , 35g / 540 grains , 37g / 570 grains , 39 g / 600 grains , 40,8 g / 630 grains
Line length: 7,01 m , 7,16 m , 7,31 m , 7,46 m

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