Lightweight, comfortable, durable and quick-drying. Laxa 2.0 is an updated version of the previous model with new design elements and color scheme.


Sticky Rubber sole with tungsten studs. Completely free of PFC and without fluorocarbon / DWR treatment.

Laxa 2.0 is an updated version of the previous model with new design elements and a color scheme with Brown Olive exterior and Burnt Orange lining and inside. The sole is made of the same patterned Sticky Rubber rubber sole with tungsten studs. The predecessor had details in PVC leather but those parts are now replaced with other materials due to environmental reasons and the boot is completely free of fluorocarbons (PFC). To minimize the ecological footprint, the boots are delivered in boxes made from recycled paper.

The front and the heel have a thin reinforcement layer which increases durability and stiffness, which means that they retain their shape even during tougher wading in deep water. This also means that the front of the boot keeps the shape better at high pressure and you do not freeze as easily on the toes. The lower part of the boot is reinforced with rubber around it to resist wear and sharp stones when wading. A midsole of EVA increases comfort and provides good shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces. Padded tounge and loops in durable nylon weaving make it easy to tighten and lace the boots. The upper loops are hooks that make it quick to get the right tension around the ankle and ankle and at the back there is a great loop to hold when the boot is pulled on.

They have a relatively wide Scandinavian fit on the last and are quick-drying and lightweight, perfect when traveling. Our heavily patterned Traction Sticky Rubber sole with tungsten studs provides a superb attachment to most substrates, even on slippery, muddy shores where a felt sole is difficult to grip. A boot with rubber sole is also the obvious choice in those waters where felt soles are prohibited because they dry slowly and therefore can spread diseases and parasites between different waters. Salmon 2.0. with Traction sole weighs 1100 grams per pair in size US 10 and is available in size US 7-15.

• No PVC details
• Sticky Rubber sole with tungsten studs
• Completely free of fluorocarbons (PFCs)
• Internal reinforcement layer in front & rear
• Rubber-reinforced lower part protects against wear
• Padded tongue and comfortable EVA midsole
• Lightweight, comfortable, durable and quick-drying
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Model: Unisex

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