The Guideline Easy Fold Net is a collapsible net that comes with a case for easy storage and quick access. No more tangling nets in branches and bushes!


A very comfortable and versatile net with a clever design that makes it easy to store on your hip in the included case. The design gives you both easy and safe storage, as well as very fast and efficient access when you want to hook the fish of your dreams. You'll also avoid getting caught in branches and bushes while hiking along your favorite stream or lake. The frame is made of stainless spring steel, and with a simple twist-and-turn motion, you fold it up and put it in your hip pocket.

The hip opening is 37 cm long and 30 cm wide. Total length with frame and handle is 56 cm. Folded inside the hip pocket, the total length is 29 cm, and it weighs only 290 grams in total. The net is knotless to be gentle on fish to be released. It is made of polyethylene composite (PE) which makes it very strong. Hooks do not get caught easily and it is easy to keep clean without attracting scent. The Easy Fold Net is part of our Multi Grip net range, where all nets have interchangeable handles. This means that it is possible to change the handle to a different model, depending on the desired material or length.
  • Compact design for easy and safe storage, and very fast and efficient access when hauling
  • Multi Grip - interchangeable handles
  • Stainless spring steel frame
  • Knotless polyethylene composite (PE) mesh
  • Hook opening: 37 cm (L) x 30 cm (W)
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