Guideline 4D Body S3/S5 are sinking fly line bodies to adjust your fly line for the best casting- and sinking abilities in a minute!


The 4D Bodies are based on a Double Density configuration, which is even reflected in the floating body where we have used a “flowing” density-transition to improve performance and turnover even more than would be possible in a single density head. These bodies have powerful tapers with head lengths between 5,7 and 7,0 meters. They complement our Compact Multi Tip system well and this 4D-concept serves longer rods, casts larger flies and enables greater distance casting.

There are seven different weights from 20grams/310 grains up to 39 grams/600 grains to choose between. (Int/S3 bodies start at 23 grams/360 grains.) The 4D bodies are built on our Direct Contact low stretch cores with only 6% stretch. 20- and 23 gram models feature 32lbs cores, while all bodies above that have super strong 42lbs cores that will make you fish with confidence targeting Big Steelhead or giant Salmon alike. All lines are fitted with color-coded sleeves in the front towards the connection with the Tips. They also have ID printing in the back ends for easy identification. They are fitted with small, coated loops with the industries strongest and most reliable, reinforced sleeves. Produced from environmentally friendly materials and featuring strong Polyurethane coatings.

4D Bodies and Tips are sold individually, so you can mix and match according to your preferences. These bodies work superb together with our 15’ T-Tips but will excel when used with our brand new 4D Double Density Tips with tapers and performance based off our Triple Density lines. 4D Tips come in 15’ and 18’ lengths and in 4 different weights from 9 to 14 grams. All in all, there are 7 different Tips from Dual Density Floating to Super Fast Sinking S5/S8 to choose from.

Our eco vision is Clean All the Way, which means the least environmental impact possible. This fly line has a Polyurethane coating instead of PVC that bleeds harmful plasticizers (Phthalates) into the water. Our boxes are made from recycled paper with water-based UV coatings and we have removed all plastic spools from the packaging. The result is that we can offer you the “cleanest” and most eco-friendly fly line on the market.

Guideline 4D Body S3/S5 #9/10 26g
  • Line weight: 9/10 DH
  • Head weight: 26g / 400 grains
  • Head length: 6,5m (I/S3 6,2m)
  • Sleeve color: Green

Guideline 4D Body S3/S5 #9/10/11 29g
  • Line weight: 9/10/11 DH
  • Head weight: 29g / 450 grains
  • Head length: 6,5m (I/S3 6,2m)
  • Sleeve color: Green/Blue

Guideline 4D Body S3/S5 #10/11 32g
  • Line weight: 10/11 DH
  • Head weight: 32g / 500 grains
  • Head length: 7,0 m (I/S3 6,7m)
  • Sleeve color: Blue

Guideline 4D Body S3/S5 #10/11/12 35g
  • Line weight: 10/11/12 DH
  • Head weight: 35g / 540 grains
  • Head length: 7,0 m (I/S3 6,7m)
  • Sleeve color: Blue/Magenta
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Density: S3/S5
Head length: 6,5 m , 7 m
Head weight: 26 g / 400 grains , 29 g / 450 grains , 32 g / 500 grains , 35 g / 540 grains
Line length: 5,7 m , 6,1 m
Line weight: , 10 , , 11 , , 12 , , 9

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