Eastfield's Chubby Chaser!


This is a swimbait that we all have been waiting for!

The Chubby Chaser has long been the number one hardbait from Eastfield, but it has always been made in wood and only ones a year. But now they can proudly release it in a plastic version!

If you want the action of the bait to imitate the previous wooden version of the Chubby Chaser, try modifying the bait by removing the split ring in the nose loop.

It swims in tight s-curves and stands to the side during spin stop, you can twitch or jerk it easily to make it more erratic! The Chubby Chaser is slow sink, weighs 56g, is 10cm long and comes with Mustad Trebles.

• Weight: 56g
• Size: 10cm
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Buoyancy: Sinking
Hook size: 1 , 1/0
Lure length: 10 cm
Swimming Depth: 0,5-2 m
Weight: 56 g

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