Bite Of Bleak Nazeebo Worm is a liquid, worm-like jig with a ribbed body and an incredible finish. A jig that's especially good for down rigs with its floating body that rises seductively from the bottom!


As the first Swedish brand to use the material TPE, Bite of Bleak is very pleased to present Nazeebo Worm. TPE is a material that floats in water and gives the bait an awesome presentation for as long as you wish. Ned fishing is a increasingly popular method, a finesse method using a flat-bottomed jig (ned head). Bite of Bleak has chosen to make Nazeebo worm 10cm where the fisherman himself can shorten the bait easily with scissors to have the opportunity to experiment with the length.

Forget the classic stand-up jigheads. TPE is here to stay!
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Quantity per pack: 8 pieces

Note: These jigs are not to be stored with non-TPE jigs.
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Lure length: 10 cm

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