BFT Shallow Stinger Titanium is a stinger made of a 7-wire titanium with super sharp hooks. Available in three sizes. Perfect for rigging your pike baits!


The stinger is equipped with 2 sharp treble hooks, BFT spikes to attach to the belly of the jig, BFT shallow screw, swivel and split rings. A big advantage of titanium wire is that it stays straighter and holds better than regular wire.

- Hook size: 1
- 50 lb (22.6 kg)
- Fits smaller softbaits around 20 cm.

- Hook size: 2/0
- 75lb (approx. 34 kg)
- Wire length: 12 cm
- Perfectly adapted for Pig Shad and Bandit Shad, but of course fits most soft baits / jigs / shads around 25 cm.

- Hook size: 3/0
- 75lb (approx. 34 kg)
- Length of wire: 15 cm
- Distance between hooks: approx. 9 cm
- The perfect stinger for larger softbaits over 25cm such as. Giant Pig Shad, Big McRubber and others.
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