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BFT Instinct Rod Series Casting (2pcs) in the group Rods / Casting Rods at (02-BFT-INT86-2r)

BFT Instinct Rod Series Casting (2pcs)

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8,6'' XH, Pike Versatile XL -180g
  • 7,6'' H, Tournament Pike -120g
  • 7,4'' MH, Perch Versatile 7-25g
  • 7,10'' H, Pike Versatile -130g
  • 7,1'' ML, Hard Bait Master 5-21g
  • 8,6'' XH, Pike Versatile XL -180g
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The BFT Instinct Rod Series is designed for the avid angler.
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Developed to meet any demand on the water the Instinct rods will surely set you up for any obstacle that you will encounter by presentation and performance.

Equipped with top of the line blanks and superior American Tackle components, the Instinct rods are att an affordable price for any angler, The desire to match any type of predator fishing, you will find your rod in the broad set up of rod models.

Instinct Hard Bait Master
• Length: 7'1''/216cm
• Transport length: 112cm
• Weight: 119g
• Casting weight: 5-21g
• 2pcs

Instinct Perch Versatile
• Length: 7'4''/223cm
• Transport length: 115cm
• Weight: 127g
• Casting weight: 7-25g
• 2pcs

Instinct Tournament Pike
• Length: 7'6''/229cm
• Transport length: 119cm
• Weight: 194g
• Casting weight: >120g
• 2pcs

Instinct Pike Versatile
• Length: 7'10''/239cm
• Transport length: 124cm
• Weight: 228g
• Casting weight: >130g
• 2pcs

Instinct Pike Versatile XL
• Length: 8'6''/259cm
• Transport length: 134cm
• Weight: 250g
• Casting weight: >180g
• 2pcs
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