Castbait is one of the world's most proven and balanced spoon lures for several species, such as pike, salmon, sea trout, char, trout, rainbow trout, perch, zander and more.


Thanks to the aerodynamic shape of Castbait, you cast very long and can thus fish in larger areas. It is a great search bait to see where the fish are. An excellent choice for windy days when you want to reach further out to the fish. Castbait is a very versatile spoon feature thanks to its compact shape. It can be used for coastal fishing, trolling and vertical fishing from a boat or on the ice.

The action is reminiscent of an injured fish and is a very simple lure that you cast out and crank home. These spoon lures have thousands of fish on their conscience and are simply a perfect bait for many fish species.

They are environmentally friendly made of zinc which is electroplated to gold, chrome and copper. Also available in hand-painted colors.

Sold as a 3-pack in either 10 or 20g.
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Weight: 10 g , 20 g

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