Single Handed Fly Rods

We have a wide range of one-handed rods for your fly fishing, models for anglers of all levels! Here you will find rods designed for small streams, where underhand casting and calm presentations of small dry flies or nymphs are the priority. You'll also find powerful rods designed for long overhand casts, and for easier casting of larger flies in pursuit of big and strong species. What determines which class to choose for your one-handed rod is the size of the fish or the size of the fly you are casting. The most common rods are in classes 5 to 7. These rods work well for trout, grayling, char, rainbow trout and brown trout fishing. If you are fishing for smaller species in small rivers and streams, a lower class is recommended (2-4). For heavier fishing for pike, for example, we recommend rods from class 8 up to class 10. Classes above 10 are suitable for sea fishing and really strong fish such as tarpon, GT and marlin.
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