We have a wide range of jigs and lures suitable for all types of fishing and for most species. Pike jigs, perch jigs and walleye jigs are a staple that most anglers have in their tackle box. Jigs are available in many designs adapted to different types of fishing. Shad jigs and paddle jigs have a natural fish-like movement pattern. Curlytails can often be fished very slowly with a lot of movement even at low speed. Nowadays there are also a large number of more exciting variations on jigs and rubber baits in the form of creaturebaits, crayfish jigs, worms and jigs adapted for Ned rig fishing. There are endless possibilities for variation depending on how you rig your jigs with hook, jighead or stingers in different weights and get the exact action and depth of bait you want, depending on the fishery.
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Scout Shad 9cm (5pcs) - Discontinued Colors
Season Sale
Discontinued Colors
Storm Tock Minnow 10cm 4'' (4-pack)
Season Sale
Westin Shadteez Hollow (1pc)
Westin Campaign 10 Oct
s.a. €1.62
s.a. €1.90
Westin CurlTeez 7 cm
Westin Campaign 10 Oct
Drunk Bait
s.a. €7.70
SavageGear LB Real Eel 15cm 12g (Bulk)