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TrueGlide Guppie Jr, 11cm, 70gr - Rainbow - Mossgreen Glitter in the group Lures / Tail baits at (29-EG208A-TR010)

TrueGlide Guppie Jr, 11cm, 70gr - Rainbow - Mossgreen Glitter

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Guppie Jr - 11,5cm 70g - Sink rate ca 15cm/s
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Since 2002, TrueGlides Guppie has been the gold standard for gliders handcrafted in wood. Numerous competition wins and catches of big fish and a keen collector's interest can account for that!

One of the first things you notice about the Guppie is the detail in the color patterns. Until now, these colours have only been available on the hand painted wooden bites made by Joe Peterson. Strike Pro and CWC in partnership with Peterson are now bringing these unique colors to the masses for the first time. The color scheme includes a combination of paint or glitter on the inside of the transparent body of the bait, which is a unique process, combined with traditional coloring on the outside. This mimics Peterson's technique of adding paint between layers of topcoat to create a 3D effect. Strike Pro has also recreated the characteristic 3D eyes that TrueGlide bites are known for.

In addition to Guppie's stunning finish, it also features several unique characteristics that make it a really hot big fish bait. Guppie's compact and convex body shape provides great hooking ability, the hook tips always end up exposed no matter what the angle. The body profile and shape also gives the bait a good bellyflash and roll. The ability to easily select different types of tails, thanks to the innovative screw at the back of the lure, adds another dimension. Change the character of the lure by switching to one of several available rubber tails.
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